Wednesday, July 19, 2006

FBI gets hacked, video blogger sacked

BAE systems consultant Joseph Colon was just trying to sidestep bureaucratic roadblocks when he hacked into the FBI’s $500 million computer mishegas known as Trilogy. Using script kiddy tools (and a password supplied by a G-man), the 28-year-old geek-for-hire cracked 38,000 hashed passwords and gained access to several sensitive databases. Colon apparently tired of waiting days for the Feds to approve each new machine. Now he may be waiting another 18 months before he can shower in private again.

Genuinely Ridiculous: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, a strain of malware pretending to be Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage has begun circulating the Net. The key difference between the two is that the Cuebot-K malware attempts to turn your PC into a zombie, whereas Microsoft’s WGA turns users into one.

E.U.-E.U. Owe: Meanwhile, Microsoft is shaking out its piggy bank now that the European Union has fined Redmond’s reprobates
1.5 million euros per day backdated to Dec. 15 — nearly $360 million — for allegedly violating its antitrust agreement. If Microsoft fails to comply by July 31, the fine could double. Maybe Microsoft should just wait until it saves up enough money to buy the entire continent.
Rocket Goes Boom: America's sweetheart, Amanda Congdon, has left the
Rocketboom video blog, leaving thousands of geeks jonesing for their daily Amanda fix. Word is the show will go on with another perky-yet-quirky star, Joanne Colan. Still, watching Rocketboom without Amanda is like paying to see the Beatles, but getting the Monkees instead.

Hell Hath No Fury: The founder of a "
rat-a-base," which lets women post profiles of ex-boyfriends, is being sued by a bachelor maligned by the site. According to, Todd H. is a cheating slob with herpes who is secretly gay and, even worse, an attorney. The site does give men a chance to post rebuttals, which can typically be summarized as, “That fat chick is nuts.” With sites like this, who needs Desperate Housewives? Thanks to Robert Cringely @ InfoWorld for the above. (Not to be confused with Robert Cringely from PBS, see links section).

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