Thursday, July 20, 2006

Are Apple's Customers Rebelling?

By Leander Kahney, WIRED (Jul, 11, 2006)
Cult of MacThere's been rash of press recently suggesting Apple is weathering a growing consumer recoil following claims about poor quality control, anti-iTunes legislation and allegations about Chinese sweatshops.
"Are we falling out of love with iPod?" asks the Daily Telegraph. The BBC queries, "Is Apple Feeling The Heat?" And The Scotsman reports, "Apple faces the music as public discord with iPod grows."

"...two years after Britain fell in love with the iPod there are signs that the pocket-sized box that transformed the way millions listen to music is beginning to lose its shine," claims The Scotsman.
But, in fact, there's no consumer backlash at all. Apple's firing on all cylinders, and is selling more Macs and iPods than ever.

Look at the numbers: Apple is enjoying about 20 percent year-on-year growth in Macs and about 200 percent growth in iPods. The quarter that ended April 1 was the second biggest quarter in Apple's history, and continued blockbuster sales of both Macs and iPods are predicted.
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